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Best Living room designing


Luxury Antonovich Design has been in the industry for decades. Their trusted work and craftsmanship always delivers to the clients demands and needs. This interior design presents your character and style. The living room is an entertainment space as well that is the this is a great space for everyone to accept visitors. Our aim is to provide our clients with amazing space for quality time. We design living rooms with sleek design and some classic elements to maintain a cozy living space that is oozing with personality. As much as possible our designers maintain and achieve a balanced design which is by evenly placing out pieces of furniture so your home looks neat and elegant. In this specific living room model, we create a seating arrangement that looks more traditional. Here are some of our principles when it comes to designing.

  • Piano in the background: Having a piano creates an amazing view that also reflects your certain hobby. We make sure to arrange your piano in a manner that will preserve its sound and tune for a long time. We make sure it will lessen humidity.
  • Fireplace: Integrating a fireplace in a room is a nice accent that changes your living rooms entire look. It adds a statement. We make sure to choose the best materials that will complement your living space.
  • Windows: Windows create a certain balance inside the living room. It also provides a natural light that makes the room more relaxing. Studies have proven that a lighter room creates a more productive space.
  • Seating space: Having more seating makes the room more functional. It also adds a nice visual weight in the room which makes it more proportion in the floor area.
  • Curtain: Adding curtain makes the room look more private and it also filters out the sunlight if its too bright.


Whether you have a small or huge living room space, well make sure that it is cozy and comfortable for you. We will strategically place potted plants in your living room to add a nice warm and earthy look. You will also notice that we will paint your living spaces with complementing hues that will create a cozier ambiance and would make your living room look more inviting. Youll notice how we added some coffee tables beside the sofa and also we added a nice center table that matches the interior of the Living room, this will also serve as a great coffee table. We make sure that your living room also has enough seating to accommodate guests especially if you love hosting parties and events. Our choices in complementary patterns and materials give the living room a warm and visually interesting look. Our goal is to provide all of our clients the best that they deserve and the living room is just one of our expertise. Explore more of our works and see how we can help you with your home design.

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