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Traditional Decor Ideas for Living Rooms


The blue and white living room is a luxurious and sophisticated space. The deep blue color is gorgeous to look at and exudes a luxurious vibe. The pattern and gold accent are such a beautiful touch to the luxury décor. With a classic style, the bed has a very beautiful and sophisticated aspect. If you want to live in a luxury room, this luxury living room interior design is a great place to start. The layout of the room in this Luxury Antonovich Design masterpiece is suitable for any family. Even the chandelier is exquisitely created to complement the magnificent luxury interior design.

The blue and white accent colors make such a big difference in the luxury decor. One of the attractions of this opulent design in Dubai is the stunning furniture. Todays trend is for classic, hardwood interior design. The pattern features on the wall are such a fantastic complement to the luxury living room interior designs classic aesthetic. Luxury Antonovich Design has created an interior concept where peace and productivity go hand in hand in this lovely and elegant room design.

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