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Living room design of Katrina Antonovich

Probably, when people stop building beautiful royal palaces the time also will stop. Luxury today is not just chic and pomposity. Luxurious interiors today are an opportunity to pause time, creating something eternal and beautiful. In the new design project of the residence by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, the authors took the motifs of magnificent baroque and classic to create a bright and festive interior. At the architectural design stage, in one of the premises of the building on the first floor the music room was allocated for. Of course, this is due to the wishes of the customer, who are extremely fond of classical music and, especially, in live performance. And the hostess herself plays beautifully on several musical instruments, including a grand piano. In this room, such an important engineering moment as acoustics is provided. Interior designers well-thought-out the materials for the decoration of walls, the height of the ceilings and other important moments. The center of composition in the music room was a luxurious white grand piano. The instrument looks gorgeous in the entourage of the decor. The joy of listening to beautiful music can be enhanced with interior by beautiful walls, ceiling and other moments. Interior designers use the elements of stucco decoration with gilding very actively in the project. High windows are curtained with graceful Roman curtains of translucent silk of cream and white hue, which are complemented by a lovely fringe. The picturesque drawing on carved marble several kinds is perfectly combined with a round natural carpet with a classical ornament.

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