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Family living room

Family Living Room

What is your most favorite part of the house? A lot will say the living room and the bedroom is their favorite. Either or, all of the parts of a home is definitely a favorite place. The difference of a family living room is that this place is exclusive for the family members. This is where their common interests are placed and it is where all the members of the family, talk, relax and get together. After long tiring weeks of work, this is their chill area where they just have fun and enjoy each other's company. 

Designing a Family Living Room

The Luxury Antonovich dEsign company has pledged to help their clients with every small detail even the smallest room. The furniture and the elements are crucial in choosing how to decor your family room. In this image shown above the family room is just a minimalist space where the sofa is strategically placed in a U-shape. It has a small square space that is allocated to the family room alone. The white walls make the square space look bigger and less constraint giving it more of the refreshing luxurious look. The gold linings and frame highlight the family room giving it a touch of accent that is not too loud and just elegantly beautiful. The window is large enough to let the natural sunshine in to illuminate the space. If you look at the ceiling there is a chandelier with gold fringes and crystals which adds accent to space. The walls are less textured because the team designed this space to have accents and to drag the attention to the main focus which is the center table. 

Colors to use for a family room

The family room is a common area which all of the members, with that everyone, is entitled to their suggestions in what colors motifs or themes their family room should have. Using light colors makes the room appear larger than it really is. It extends the horizons and gives the space a more cozy and relaxing feel. 

The Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is a must. The size and the color should be aligned with the family room's color scheme and it should also add an accent to the bland space. The copper-colored sofa added a darker shade that complements the white walls. It may be intimidating to use dark colored furniture sets but looking at the image above it worked really well. Aside from having an accent the furniture also adds a luxurious feeling to the entire room making it more relaxing and enticing to relax in. This makes the space cozy and earthy by bringing out the nice brassy tones into life. The luxury Antonovich Design made this space entirely like a small nook which is perfect for simple family talks and chats. 

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