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Stylish living room interior

Living room interior in the modern style has a very bright and extravagant character. Designers subtly caught the mood and taste preferences of elite house owners. They wanted something extraordinary, and they were ready for the most daring experimentsCeiling decor harmoniously combines high-tech and Art Deco style. The niche is filled with an original decorative panel. The center of the ceiling is decorated with a very elegant chandelier in the style of Art Deco. Additional LED lights and ceiling lights provide the ability to adjust the interior lighting on a bright sunny day to a cozy and romantic mood. No less original and interesting the wall decor. Interior designers have created a stunning improvisation with natural stone. One of the walls is decorated with the blue onyx panel. Some of the walls are also decorated with a beautiful dark-gray marble with natural patterns of light streaks. Additional matte gray panel with geometric motifs was diluted saturation of wall decor. Mirrors help to enhance and harmonize the space. The cozy living room interior geometry of space can be seen in every detail. Flooring Décor is a luxury marble tile with patterns that echoes the patterns in the decoration of the walls. Curtains in the modern style perfectly fit into the interior. Direct folds of the noble silk of aquamarine hue, framing the milky-white tulle. Soft sofas have become an excellent addition to the overall color scheme. Upholstery of gray fabric and blue silk cushions resonate with both, the walls decor and windows decoration.

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