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Luxury Interior Design Living Room in Qatar

This is a true luxury celebration in the classical style from Studio Elite Interiors Luxury Antonovich Design. This Interior Design Living Room in Qatar reflected the owner's dreams about the elite house, about new luxury home. The interior design reflects a new era of luxury and new trends in classical style with Art Deco accents. Excellent features of the apartment give an incredible sense of aesthetic pleasure. And this beautiful picture consists of a number of elements of the decor and spectacular design solutions. Home design is impossible to imagine without the technical complexities. This luxury ceiling today, you can create only thanks to the latest technology. Here, amazingly combined traditional curls of stucco decoration, LED lighting line, elegant chandeliers, spotlights and stunning decorative elements of the walls with light. This is a complicated and delightful image Interior Design Living Room in Qatar can literally turn a head in delight. Walls in the interior of the house in no way inferior to luxurious splendor ceiling. Here everything aspires to the title of a work of art. Excellent luxury materials very clearly pointing to the high status of the owners, and about their love of art, and, of course, good taste. Design of houses in the style of modern classics have not gone from such beautiful elements such as graceful columns with stucco capitals and the magnificent marble decor with crystal inlays. The floors made of white marble, luxurious furniture, and elegant curtains complement the perfect image of the house interior.

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