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Classic Living Room Interior

Living room interior design is conditionally open space to all. Here, the family and friends spend time. Homeowners in Dubai are very friendly and hospitable people, who are always welcome and are ready to provide the best of everything. Interior Designers Dubai offered a stylish and spectacular interior solutions in the spirit of a modern classic, which fully reflects the respectability of the house and the understanding of beauty. The cozy living room with large panoramic windows sets the mood for a pleasant comfort. The windows are curtained with luxurious curtains in a classic style of noble silk. Stressing the hospitality of this house, interior designers Dubai pay special attention to that part of space which houses a dining room. The large dining table made of wood inlaid with carved decor. It is surrounded by the high upholstered chairs with noble backs. Above the center of the living room and dining room interior is decorated with magnificent crystal chandeliers with lots of hangers. Under the brilliance of charming crystal graceful swirls of stucco decoration play with the light. Living room interior design exudes the aesthetic perfection and elegant mood of a contemporary palace. Warm and homey look of natural wood floors with special impregnation strengthens the luxurious feeling with Persian carpets in the living area and dining area. Luxury interior design of Luxury Antonovich design expresses the individuality of each house and gives its owners a unique feeling of absolute comfort at any time of the day.

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