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What comes in your mind when you think about the royal London interior design? Elegance and sophistication usually are the best words to describe what these homes in London is decorated with. Jewel tones with stylish furnishings and curtains that are made with high-quality materials will perfectly blend. You’ll notice that there are velvet sofas upholstered perfectly with the curvaceous shape that forms the set. In this model living room, you will see how our team brought out an elegant and ornate living room with deep green shade which matched the opulent theme of the entire living space. The combination of white, dark green, and gold made the living room look desirable and breathtaking. Our top designer Katrina Antonovich makes sure that she turns every room into an extraordinary space that will make each client happy and satisfied.


Our designers have always incorporated a certain culture and style with each space that they design. The decorative objects and the classic style are perfect for London homes as it reflects a timeless interior. We have here some of the guidelines that we follow when it comes to designing living rooms.

  • We decide on a well-respected color palette and make sure that it looks amazing. The bold deep green shade in this loving room gives out a hint that the interior is more customized for the client.
  • Accenting the living room with the gold makes it look more elegant. The subtle metallic play in the colors makes the gold blend well with the dark green.
  • Space is wide so we opted for classic sofas with velvet upholstery to keep the theme vibrant inside the living room.
  • The chandeliers are an elegant highlight to the room that gives out a focal point that is dainty and pleasing to the eyes.
  • The space across the sofa and center table is allotted for a bar that is perfect for cocktail nights with family or friends. This also maximizes the space and it adds a recreational space in the home.
  • The ambient lighting also transforms the living room into a nice inviting and cozy living room.
  • With each plain wall comes a great artwork that is hanged and displayed. The paintings up in the wall of this room complement the whole aesthetic of the bedroom.

Our company has been in the industry for decades and we are here to help you on designing and decorating your home. Do you love how we interpreted this unique London living room? Then don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you maximize your spaces.

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