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Luxury Living Room Design


Gold adds elegance and grandeur to your living room and it gives the magic of luxurious space. The lovely furniture design is a fantastic blend of classic and luxury interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design has created a masterpiece of luxury and elegance in this luxury living room interior design in Dubai. One of the key focus points of the amazing living room is the beautiful gold decor in the cool and intriguing style. Luxury Antonovich Design managed to carry off such a difficult color scheme. Every section of the rooms was fitted with luxurious cabinetry and furnishings, emphasizing the stunning layout.

This luxury living room interior design is one of Luxury Antonovich Designs top projects. Its a partnership between the client and the company. Were very excited to develop the most gorgeous luxury living room interior design for you! Luxury can be felt and seen from every angle of the rooms. The luxury living room interior design also includes premium materials that you will adore.

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