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Living Room Abu Dhabi

The basis of a beautiful and luxurious interior story that interior designers Abu Dhabi told, became a living room . Here closely and harmoniously the interior design of the living room and dining hall are intertwined. Cuddly and festive mood is set with the luxurious staircase with graceful contours. Hall welcomes guests with an exquisite fountain, a massive crystal chandelier and a cozy seating area by the fireplace. The living room design gives a clear idea that this house belongs to the people with impeccable taste and a keen understanding of beauty. Interior Designers Abu Dhabi offered a lot of unique beauty solutions. This based an exclusive and luxurious character of the house interior. Masterly performing the original architectural solutions with the help of the living room design stressed the advantages of planning of the multi-level floors and ceilings. The decor of the walls look elegant with marble columns with stucco capitals, added with a gloss mirrored panels with facet. Separate semicircular portal is dedicated to musical evenings. The composition with white piano on a carved marble floor looks very expressive. Dining area is located on a low podium, which is emphasized with lines of blue LED backlight. In general palette of warm shades with rich colors furniture blended that is upholstered in noble velvet of shade of red wine. Living room design harmoniously integrates respectable classics and festive art deco. Luxury mood that is created with the interior designers Abu Dhabi reflects the love of life, understanding of the world of luxury by home owners.

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