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Living room interiors Nigeria


The neoclassic design is perfect in this Nigerian living room as it reflects tradition and culture with a touch of elegance. Our concept in this living room is an art-deco style which is classic and timeless. Being the most social part in your home it is important to provide enough seating for everyone. Our dynamic design creates more of a lounging style that provides comfort. An eye-catching living room has some decadent interior but it also shows a little bit of element that showcases tradition. The neoclassical style is linked to the classic styles and designs back to the 18th-century era. The bold colors reflect a harmonious ambiance with some intricate decor. From wood to metal, these elements are perfect to give your living room the best neoclassical theme. Here are some of the pieces that will make your room look more neoclassical. 

  • Sofa: The role that the sofa plays is important as it is one of the most essential pieces in your living room. It is played with golden accents that have intricate patterns of damask and fleurs. You'll see that the armrests are customized with its unique shape and upholstery.
  • Lighting: The lighting is scattered all over in this massive mansion. You'll see the coordinated chandeliers hanging in the center of each panel of the living room. You'll also notice the table lamps that will also help illuminate the room. 
  • Color: We created a mixture of colors in the shade of blue. The deep jewel shades are elegant and regal. 
  • Drapes: The heavy velvet drapes are the perfect combination of the elegant chairs. velvet also reflects luxury which goes with the whole theme of the living room. 


The huge space is perfect for the elegant for comfortable furnishings which creates the best socialization space. The floor to ceiling windows is perfect for these types of spaces because they let the natural light enter the home. Adding a touch of glamour to your home is never a bad thing. Our team will make sure that your living room is full of elegance and functionality. The bold features will make you feel the comforting home which redefines the meaning of neoclassical. With the perfect decorations and fixtures, your home will become a place of luxurious and luminous haven. After our clients choose the perfect layout for their living room we will incorporate the perfect color, pattern, and texture. Keeping it lively with all of the fun and elegant details brings out authenticity with the more personalized space. Having the best living room is a dream come true for everyone. We will help you build the living room of your dreams. 

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