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Cozy and Luxury Living Room Interior

Detailed 3D visualization of living room interior design allows you to experience the full effect of the presence and evaluate all the charm of a luxury apartment. Interior design in the style of Art Deco is an excellent way to fill the house with a sense of the eternal celebration of life. Living room interior design has an elegant and passionate way. Everything is glittering with luxury. Juicy shades and improvisation with a unique lighting set the lush look of the living room interior. Villa Design Dubai is fully dedicated to the dreams of its owners. Everything is thought out in such a way that they feel completely comfortable. In each project interior designers Dubai offer unique solutions. In this project, the living room is divided into two zones. And it is divided with a luxurious dining area. The large dining table made of wood with inlays of valuable stones is surrounded by lounge chairs with noble backs. Sofas in the living room, as if mirrored in each other. One of the areas is devoted to relaxation by the fireplace. And in another part of the living room you can comfortably watch your favorite movies. Wonderful improvisation with the ceiling and floor design gives the interior uniqueness and sophistication. The high ceiling in the center is decorated with a large niche with lighting and a massive crystal chandelier. Glitter of luxury of the interior is enhanced with the point crystal lamps and lighting lines. The floors are made of natural wood of valuable species supplemented by so charming and traditional elements of home comfort as natural carpets. Colorful accents in the living room became curtains and upholstery.

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