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Design decor living room

Interior design studio Antonovich Design offered a classical style for the design of an elite house.Interior of a living room has become the epicenter of a luxurious and elegant interior story of this project. Every detail is perfectly in harmony with the overall space. The room is filled with the atmosphere of a cozy mood and warm hospitality. The design of the hall in the apartment corresponds to the fashion trends. This trend is openness space. Near the window, designers have arranged the dining area. Thus, the design of living room today is a rather versatile concept. Sometimes as a part of the open space also becomes a lounge and kitchen. But it is more characteristic of American-style interiors.Natural parquet flooring is increasingly opting for luxury interiors.In this project, Dubai Interior Designers have proposed block parquet with light wood. This solution gives a particularly welcoming mood in combination with a natural carpet. The decor of the walls can be considered the most elegant part of the decor in the living room. It combines Italian wallpaper with damask patterns and decorative plaster. Fragments of the mirror panels fill the interior of the living room with a festive mood and visually enlarge the space.Beautiful wallpaper beautifully has decorated living room interior, reflected in the mirrors.Curtains in the room support the concept of interior design in classic style. Luxurious silk of warm lilac hue is gathered in soft folds of drapery with the help of the exquisite decorative holders. Curtains in a living room decorated in a classic style will always be a nice final touch to the room design. The large dining table is surrounded by soft chairs with a noble posture.The design of the hall filled with dignity and nobility.

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