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Beautiful Living Room Interior

Pre-story of the beautiful living room interior is the spacious hall with stairs leading to the second floor of the villa. Interior Designers Dubai in each project elegantly reflect dreams and wishes of customers, giving them a real features of luxurious interiors. In the hall as the foundation a gentle milk-cream color is taken. The floors are decorated with precious marble of two warm shades. Each step of the white marble staircase is emphasized by light lines. The highlight of this part of the house space has become a luxury white bas-relief in the form of large flowers. In the wall decor s stucco looks luxurious. This mood of lightness and elegance continues in magnificent decoration of a spacious living room. Ceilings that are decorated with lush stucco decoration with floral motifs look luxurious. Living room interior room is literally mesmerizing with its tenderness and romantic mood. Interior designers Dubai use wonderful symmetry. Two large semicircular sofas, as if reflected in each other. Sofas are upholstered in silk velvet of soft cream color. Against this background, silk pillows of lilac shade with a silver fringe look cute and comfortable. For elite and respectable interiors we design unique furniture, which subsequently is produced by the world's leading factory according to our designers sketches. In this project luxurious furniture is complemented by an exquisite carved decor. Lush stucco and carved decoration in the walls decoration duplicates exquisitely ceiling decoration. To make these elements to play charmingly with the light, interior designers actively use in the project ​​lines of LED backlight.

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