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Modern Livingroom Design

A small living room in the elite residential complex in Dubai has become the embodiment of fashion trends in the interior design of 2018. Modern style acquires ever deeper and interesting notes, thanks to modern technologies and creative solutions of interior designers. To visually increase the height of ceilings, the authors of the project improvise with shades, textures, lighting and decor elements. The ceiling is decorated with a hinged structure with an internal niche. The niche is filled with geometric ornaments, and in the center, it is decorated with a modern fashionable chandelier of three parts. To provide enough light in the interior at any time of the day, the ceiling is supplemented with built-in ceiling lights throughout the perimeter. In general, geometric ornaments became the basis for an exquisite image of the interior. So the floor from natural marble was supplemented with a natural carpet with stylistic ornament in the form of a labyrinth. In the interior of the living room, there is an accented wall, decorated with an unusual decor panel of mirrors, and brass. Thin strips of mirrors framed by polished brass lines visually expand the space, make it higher and, of course, enhance the brilliance and beauty of this cozy interior. The rest of the walls are fully decorated with light natural marble, which is also supplemented by thin strips of corn-colored metal. Beautiful design of curtains brought to the interior juicy and elegant notes. This is also a perfect example of how interesting and stylish can be the design of curtains in the style of minimalism. This effect textile designers have achieved through the use of contrasting shades of natural silk. apartment floor plans designs, architect architecture, architect design firm, architectural design for homes, architectural design solutions, architectural designs for homes, architectural engineering consultants in dubai

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