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Living Room Interior Art Deco

Living room interior design with a delightful creamy and chocolate hues and delicious mood in many ways anticipated the wildest dreams of the owners of apartment in Dubai, the new posh apartment. Art Deco in the work of talented designers acquired a special, unique flavor. The perfect organization of space allowed harmoniousy to place spectacular decorations. Clearly delineated the space of the hall and the living room with graceful marble semi-columns, which are surrounded by several thin golden belts, and topped with fine white capitals. Capitals, in turn, are highlighting with light lines. Behind the columns there is a beautiful view of modern luxury. Opposite the fireplace interior is decorated with comfortable sofas and chairs that are upholstered in a pleasant touch of creamy silk velvet. On the sofa bright cushions look catchy. Expressive upholstered furniture added two symmetrically facing lamps with shades of milk chocolate. The same shade is present in the decoration of the windows. Near the large panoramic windows cozy dining area with high upholstered chairs is located. Living room design combines the unique charm of modern luxury and a sense of absolute comfort. The living room complements the modern kitchen with glossy milky facades, behind which lurk in modern storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances hide. Interior designer with the help of ceiling decoration define the center of the luxurious space using elegant chandeliers with lots of hangers and neat conical lampshades.

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