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Luxurious Living room design in Nigeria


Because we frequently host friends and family in our living rooms, it is critical to create a stylish yet welcoming environment. Creating opulent and elegant living areas with a highly stylized finish is the goal of furnishing your home in a classic style. Sofas and armchairs upholstered in exquisite fabrics such as velvet, satin, and silk may transform your living area into an elegant atmosphere. Different textures, rich fabrics, and gorgeously gleaming materials will attract the eye and stimulate the senses, allowing guests to enjoy a pleasurable physical experience. Choose a few various sized and shaped accent cushions made of linen, silk, satin, brocade, lampas, and velvet to complete the aesthetic. Cushions made of high-quality materials can be dressed up with ruffles, fringes, double frills, and cord, among other ornamental elements. Its a good idea to pay attention to the ceiling in order to truly define the style of your living room. We propose installing a coffered ceiling if you want the area to truly exude classic style:

  • this particular element will add charm and refinement to any space. In any interior space, especially the living room, decorative lighting is essential. Wall and table lamps made of transparent, frosted, or satin glass with gold or silver embellishments are a good choice. As a result, the concept of a luxury living room is determined by the home lovers vision. Furthermore, each persons definition of luxury may be different. Your idea of luxury could be contemporary, rustic, classic, futuristic, or almost anything, depending on the style of home you prefer.


Allow the gold and silver to sparkle! Add a few gold and silver leaf decorations on tables, furniture, and the walls of your living area for a few little but dramatic embellishments. Any visiting guest will be seduced by lavish picture frames, clocks, ornaments, and decorative artifacts. Add a few colorful rugs or a soft carpet to your living area to make it elegant but comfortable. Choose rugs (tufted, Persian, hand-knotted, etc.) and/or carpets (bouclé, velour, or needle-punched) that complement your style and provide the most comfort. Place a chandelier with curving decorative arms in the middle of the ceiling to make light a genuine focal point. The greatest approach to give your living room a luxurious impression is to use bejeweled chandeliers, which tend to magnificently dominate places and shine like priceless diamonds. Large decorative curtains made of fine materials like linen, cotton, brocade, damask velvet, and lights should be hung. Curtains will bring the space together by emphasizing its visual appeal. Landscapes, portraits, tempera paintings, and antique statuettes are among the works on display.


These artistic elements will undoubtedly result in a classic, luxurious, and opulent interiors. Finesse is crucial when it comes to vintage furniture. Ornate mirrors, as well as other sophisticated reflective surfaces, are a must-have for any living space. Wall mirrors with antique gold-leaf frames made of walnut or a walnut finish are a good choice. Make sure your living space is warm and inviting. The walls, and more especially, the decorations that tend to accentuate the areas opulent impression, typically establish the ambiance in a room. As a result, choosing ornamental pieces with an attractive, aesthetic appeal is critical. Why not update the style of your living room with some classic wallpaper? Choose a motif that complements the style of your furnishings the best (geometric and linear patterns, or a decorative style with a baroque feel). Living rooms are where furnishings and inviting atmospheres come together to create harmonious, energetic places. Our luxury living room ideas will inspire you to furnish your home in a classic Italian style, resulting in a beautifully equipped and elegant environment.

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