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Modern Living Room Interiors

Interiors in the modern style of the studio Luxury Antonovich design is an extravagant and original vision of modern luxury. With a minimum of decorative elements, interior designers create very bright and unique images.And in the interior of the living room prevails a cozy atmosphere of the space in the Art Nouveau style. Beautiful interiors are quite multifaceted concept. After all, the perception of beauty depends on the character of the owners of a house or apartment, and their understanding of beauty and overall design concept of the house. Interior styles today are undergoing great transformation and is almost impossible to distinguish pure traits of a particular style. In this project of the living room, the interior designers have combined modern style with a touch of Art Deco. The interior of the living room filled with beautiful emotions and gives a feeling of warmth of nature. Designers use a very bold combination of materials in the decoration of the walls. Of natural marble panel and matt decorative plaster of beige color look perfectly. Another original idea of the studio designers it is a panel made of onyx in the small frame made of brass. Visually, the natural stone pattern resembles a sea surface with waves of the surf. Beautiful apartments of studio design are unique every time by the beauty of the masterpieces of modern luxury.The ceiling design which differs striking features became one of the main decorations of the interior living room. This is facilitated by the original décor and stylish chandelier. The interior design of houses may be different from its exterior.But the most important thing is that the interior must fulfill its main purpose - to give a feeling of comfort and aesthetic perfection.

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