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Dark living room ideas dont have to be boring, drab, or out of date. Deep navy blues, smokey greys, lovely greens, and earthy tones are all classy ways to improve a dark area, so dress your living room in them for a home that is cosseting, cocooning, and oh so stylish. There are a plethora of living room paint ideas and design tactics to create – and enhance – a dark living room scheme, whether your dark living room is large, open-plan, a shared home office area, or on the smaller side. If youre stumped on how to decorate a dark living space, turn to the color wheel for inspiration. When it comes to design, the color theory might reveal a whole new method to brighten up a dark space. It gives you a clear and immediate visual of which colors contrast and coordinate, making it easier to create harmonious, tonal, or contrasting looks. You can create a rich, vibrant scheme full of drama and energy by using shades that are opposite each other on the wheel, such as orange and blue. The appropriate living room lighting ideas may emphasize architectural elements, produce dramatic aesthetic effects, create illusions of space, and establish zones in open plan areas, in addition to brightening a dark living room. With statement neon lights, you may create a fully modern scheme. They cast a soft glow in a dark living area, and when placed against a dark background, they are sure to stand out.


The color displayed above is one of the most common shades for gloomy interiors, and its one of the most versatile neutral living room ideas. It provides a blank canvas for brightening dark interiors and making even the tiniest spaces appear more expansive and breezy. Symmetry is a strategy employed in interior design to create smart-looking interiors, and its especially useful in small or dark places. When employed in interior design, symmetry produces a sense of balance and peace. While it looks stunning in huge rooms, it may also provide the impression of more space in smaller rooms, especially those that are quite busy, such as dark living rooms and kitchens. Smart gallery wall ideas that include your favorite artwork or images can transform a drab living space into something to behold.


The region above the couch is often overlooked, yet it need just as much care as other locations. Choose prints that go with the overall theme of the room and display them in a variety of frames. To establish harmony and visual interest, group in odd numbers — three is a fantastic place to start. Choose seating that is proportional to the size of your living area; big couches and chairs can make a small space appear even smaller. Make sure your seats are arranged at an angle to give the room a sense of depth, as seen above. Otherwise, you can wind up with a small bowling alley look if you arrange all sitting against the walls. This design is ideal for small gatherings, casual entertaining, and gloomy living areas. Let us introduce you to the 60-30-10 guideline if youre planning a dark living room and arent sure where to start with your color scheme. When it comes to color selection, this failsafe design philosophy can ensure that you never go wrong. Mirrors are a brilliant design component because they can offer instant mystery and interest while also optimizing light and increasing the illusion of space in a gloomy living room. Plus, mirrors arent only good for reflecting light; they can also be used to create vignettes, particularly when mounted as a gallery, creating a light-reflecting, space-enhancing focal point. Its not easy to decorate a dark living room, but its not impossible to come up with your ideal layout.

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