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Refined living room


What makes a refined living room? Is it the color? The furniture? The chandelier? Our team believes that all of these are essential in building a well polished and designed bedroom. These elements are considered so that your living room will look more vibrant and elegant. It is where you entertain guests and it serves as the receiving area of your home. Our team makes sure that we provide your home has the beauty that will reflect your personal character. Luxurious is the word to describe this living room. Its opulent tone sets the mood while the marble floor and the crystal chandelier are the perfect choices for complementary pieces. You will notice the upholstered cushion in grey which is a neutral color that balances the room's aesthetics. The touches of dark colors create a sophisticated look with a glamorous gold. The honeycomb-shaped accent wall instantly catches the eye, while the gold linings on the marbled walls create an amazing finishing touch. This creates discreet metallic detail that puts up an amazing accent. 


Your living room is an important space in your home that should always look beautiful. This is where most of the gatherings happen that is why we make sure that it is comfortable and it's more dynamic to create a positive atmosphere in the space. There is no need to make use of complicated furniture pieces, we just make sure that every piece is well curated to create a beautiful living room space for your home. Here are some of the accent features that made this living room stand out from the rest. 

  • Accessorize with bright pieces that will add a unique and fun accent to your home. Just like the coffee table in this living room, it has a marble top that looks neat and elegant. 
  • You'll notice that we placed some wall lighting fixture that is similar in design with the chandelier. This makes the lighting look uninformed and it will illuminate the room because of the gold fringes. 
  • Marble floors and walls create a nice accent to the room by making it look elegant and sophisticated. Marble is back this year and it would be a great element to add to your living space. 
  • The monochromatic feel of the entire living room makes it look more well curated. You'll feel a certain eclectic vibe in this living room because of the subtle animal prints all over the space. 

Our team puts up a creative and artistic living room that our clients can enjoy. If you want to have an elegant living room with a touch of Luxury then this design is something that you should watch out for. Our company designs and create spaces that have an amazing aesthetic appeal. It can be residential homes and even offices. We are always here to help. 

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