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Living room area interior


Psychologists say that the crackling of wood in the fireplace awakens in a person very ancient emotions embedded in his subconscious. It is associated with home, comfort, warmth and security. In our time fireplaces have changed a lot. Some remained hotbeds with glowing live fire, others only mimic the flames due to the work of modern halogen lamps or LCD screens. Both traditional and modern fireplaces fit well into the living room design if they are properly selected and designed.

Modern electric fireplaces produced by well-known manufacturers have an attractive design. They perfectly serve as an interior decoration. The design of the fireplace in the project of this wonderful living room by Luxury Antonovich Design is fully consistent with the overall design of the living room. Professional interior design from the company headed by Katrina Antonovich for the development of drawings of niches and portals for the device allowed us to install it in classic and modern interiors. In this project beautiful house project our masters selected the best high-quality materials for arranging a wonderful fireplace. We used the exquisite marble decoration of the portal with elegant carvings in classic style.


Luxury Antonovich Design Company always approaches creatively to the design of the living room paying particular attention to the prevailing color in the interior. The design of this living room in beige tones visually enlarges the space and fills it with light. Beige tone removes emotional tension, creates a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation. Color accents in this place completely change the look of the room. In this respect beige color is universal. In addition, our designers placed small accents carefully selecting accessories — a crystal chandelier, vases with fresh flowers, paintings, sconces and floor lamps.

To create the accent notes in this beautiful interior design project we used the most pleasant for perception combining colors — beige with brown — the decoration of the fireplace and doorways, as well as the marble framing of the floor, and the carmine color — wonderful decorative cushions and gorgeous velvet curtains. The whole interior of the living room is decorated with gilded stucco moldings that emphasizes the color of the walls and marvelous ceiling.

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