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Small living room modern decor


The design of a small room is always a challenge for the designer. After all, here we are talking not only about creating an interesting interior, but first of all about creating an interior that is not just beautiful, but ergonomic, comfortable in absolutely everything. The living room is the most used room in the apartment. On the correct and competent design of the living room may depend the mood and condition of the person. The energy that a room radiates affects the perception of the whole house. Therefore, it is extremely important for Luxury Antonovich Design designers to decorate the room in an original way and with taste.

The interior design of the living room in a small apartment should start with the basic elements: floor covering, wallpaper, plaster, ceiling, furniture. Only by defining the general concept of interior design, the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design think about the functional component of the room, the last thing about the additional accessories and attributes of visual perception.


Modern living room by Luxury Antonovich Design combines functionality and accuracy. Clear graphic lines, quiet monochrome colors, cutting-edge materials and the latest electronics innovations are the perfect setting for busy people. Modern style is reminiscent of respectable places, but it can always be supplemented with cute home decor, textiles, sofa cushions or houseplants.

Zoning of a small living room from Luxury Antonovich Design is completed by:

— game lighting;

— installation of a multi-level ceiling with built-in lighting;

— combinations of wall surface fit-outs;

— arrangement of furniture;

— using niches.

In any small room it is better to fit-out walls in light shades like beige or creamy. Thanks to this reception, the room will appear larger and beautiful modern furniture will come to the fore. For the interior of a small living room from Luxury Antonovich Design, a group of low sofas in a delicate blue color is ideal. We put in front of the sofas a supposedly weightless coffee table with a marble top on a metal frame with gold leaf. Our designers made a choice in favor of a bright blue color accent that revived the neutral color scheme of the whole room; they placed bright decorative pillows on the sofas, laid a carpet on the floor that attracted attention; put a large glass vase with fresh flowers on the coffee table. The options are many, as well as bright color shades.

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