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Luxury Classic Living rooms

The cozy family living room is located on the second floor of a luxury villa. The high windows became the interior peculiarity.Such a solution in the architectural layout of the building creates the feeling that the room is located on the outdoor terrace.After all, through the windows, you can see a magnificent landscape scenery.Overall, the interior is made in the best traditions of the classical style. Interior designers of design studio Antonovich filled the room with plenty of lush luxury elegant accents. So, windows are decorated with beautiful curtains in a classic style. Waving curtains of silk with pleasant eggplant shade. Pelmets supplemented by de-frill. Fascinating looks golden fringe and soft grabs.The decoration of the walls, interior designers use such a luxurious item as a decorative painting. A ceiling is beautifully decorated with lush stucco decoration curls. Stucco molding in the interior always fills it with a special mood of a lush luxury of the royal palace. Amazingly look elegant pilasters with gilded stucco capitals.All this beauty illuminated by quite large crystal chandelier with multiple suspensions. For floors decor perfectly fits elite parquet flooring and luxurious Persian rug. The elegance and nobility have penetrated into every corner of the room.Luxurious furniture upholstered with precious textiles hue of which resonates with the color of the curtains.Furniture inlaid with natural wood of several valuable species. In such a room you will always feel decent, and confident. It is surrounded by a special atmosphere of comfort and warmth of a wonderful holiday.

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