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Small living room interior ideas


The living room is the most used room in the apartment. From the correct and competent design of the living room depends on our mood and psychological well-being of every person. The energy that such room illuminates affects the perception of the whole house design. Difficulties arise when the living room has limited dimensions and in addition to the interior details, it is required to structurally place all the necessary pieces of furniture and household appliances. But such a condition is not a problem for our professionals of Luxury Antonovich Design headed by Katrina Antonovich.

We decided to begin the creation of the interior design of this small living room with the basic elements: floor covering, wall facing, ceiling and furniture selection. After defining the general concept of interior design of the living room, we chose the functional components of the room and selected the additional accessories and attributes of visual perception.


This gorgeous project of small living room in modern style by Katrina Antonovich and her team combines functionality and accuracy — clear graphic lines, calm monochrome colors, cutting-edge materials and the latest electronics innovations. The design of this small living room is a constant play with light and space, with the goal of creating a visual illusion and increasing the perceived area.

Zoning in this project of the small living room interior design was done by:

— Tricks of lighting. This amazing project of a small living room is decorated with incredible custom-made hanging chandelier of unusual form with gilded elements that reflect the light and gives the room more spacious feeling;

— Installation of partitions;

— Combinations of finishes;

— Perfect furniture choice and arrangement;

— Using niches, mirrors and glossy textures. The light reflects from shiny surfaces, scatters around the room and gives it more lightness;

— The expansion of the area due to the panoramic floor to ceiling windows.

— Creating an accent on one of the wall. This technique of Luxury Antonovich Design team diverts attention from other walls, erases the boundaries and correct the flaws in the layout. For a harmonious and complete design we have chosen accessories that match the color of the accent wall - coffee tables with glossy counter top made of natural stone and gilded basis. The interior design of this beautiful living room project is supplemented with cute home decor, textiles, sofa cushions and peculiar decor.

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