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Stylish Classic Interior Design for your home

The mood of joy, happiness, tranquility, confidence in the future and, of course, the warmth of home comfort in the interior of this beautiful living room. Classical style with accents of baroque and rococo acquired in this project of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design very delicate and romantic features. Largely this mood is due to a light palette of shades, in which pearly white and blue predominate. We suggest taking a quick look at every corner of the interior and enjoy its harmony and aesthetic perfection. Lets start by admiring the large windows. They were decorated with beautiful curtains of blue monophonic silk in classic style. They are complemented by a wave of soft lambrequin, which is decorated with golden fringe. Curtains of white translucent look great. The fabric forms a beautiful crease drape with soft holders. And the curtains serve as a beautiful decoration of the window, giving the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscapes. Next, lets move our eyes to the luxurious ceiling. The multi-level niche is outlined by wide moldings with a wave of stucco molding. They are complemented by modern LED lighting.

The ceiling itself was decorated with traditional stucco molding. In the center, the large crystal chandelier surrounded an exquisite medallion with stucco curls and a luxurious stained-glass window with illumination. Motifs of stucco decor continue in the design of the walls. But here the main role is played by elite silk wallpaper in gently blue tones with printed patterns that shimmer with pearl shine and beautiful twinkling. For floor decor, interior designers offered beautiful art parquet of precious wood. royal palace floor plans, saudi arabia architecture, saudi architects, saudi architecture, senior architect dubai

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