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Noble Living Room Design


Creating a color palette for your area is an obvious first step before beginning any design. Choose colors and tones with which you are most at ease. Choose colors that blend well and complement one another rather than clashing to make a place look more luxurious. It may seem obvious, but sticking to two colors (maximum of three) will make your design more unified. Its easy to get carried away with design, but less is sometimes more. After youve decided on a color scheme, add texture to the space to make it more interesting. In space, the texture is crucial; it adds depth and creates a tactile experience. Incorporate some history into your area to give it a sense of knowledge. The slightest element of history may create intrigue in the area, whether its elaborate, or a vintage side table. One of our pet peeves is viewing the television as the rooms focal point. If you want to go for a more opulent look, we consider hiding your TV behind some joinery or even paintings. If thats not possible, at the very least, mount the TV to the wall and wave goodbye to tangled cords! Introduce unusual forms or unique silhouettes to keep your room from becoming a sea of straight lines.


Nothing says luxury like a cozy fireplace to warm up next to if you want to go fancy and genuinely add some luxury to your living space. Get imaginative with the design as the rooms focal point. Because each item contributes so much personality to your home, art is one of the most important parts of interior design. Most people immediately think about paintings, but you should also consider sculptures and other exciting forms. Is your present luxury living room interior design Dubai design taking advantage of your window space? If you dont, youre missing out on a beautiful splash of color and warmth. With sheer curtains, you can go delicate, royal with satin curtains, and so much more. The concept of a luxury living room interior design in Dubai is entirely up to you and how extravagantly you wish to define it. Perhaps you want a more traditional area with chandeliers and swag curtains, or perhaps you prefer a modern setting with wonderful comfy sofas and high-end glassware. Luxury living room interior design Dubai is the focal point of most home furniture designs in Dubai and is sometimes the first thing visitors see. As a result, these areas must reflect your personal taste and individuality. Whatever your ideal space might be, we have a range of luxury living room interior design Dubai ideas and designs to meet your every need and taste. Consider incorporating these lavish living design concepts into your homes décor.


The greatest luxury homes by Luxury Antonovich Design, the best interior design company in Dubai UAE, and home furniture designs in Dubai will already have an open floor plan, so youll never feel cramped. Even if youre working in a smaller room, you can still add dimension to your workplace by hanging mirrors on the walls. Mirrors not only provide space but also reflect light. Its important investing in the comfiest couch you can afford if you want to make your ideal house a reality. The couch is where everyone will congregate, so dont be afraid to place a high priority on it when it comes to your money. People frequently make the mistake of separating themselves from nature. If you welcome some lovely plants into your home, it will have organic, vibrant energy with a natural light that can help make your home better.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Dubai, UAE

Plot Size: 4,500 sq. M

Built-up Area: 3,340 sq. M

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