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The main room in any house is the living room. The design of the living room is one of the most important and bright tasks in the arrangement of the living space of the beautiful house, because the design of the living room creates and sets the style of the decoration and design of the other rooms of the house. The main task for Luxury Antonovich Design to make the living room design embody the sense of comfort and coziness, giving pleasant moments of relaxation and rest. The functional purpose of the living room is to be a resting place, a place where you can invite your friends and guests, a place that can be used as a meeting area or even a study.


When Luxury Antonovich Design team is creating a living room design in your home, we always try to make the interior unique, flawless and complete. Our team of designers and architects advises to zone the living room spaciously if the room is multi-functional. This can be done with the help of furniture, drywall constructions, various wall decorations — custom photo wallpaper, marble stone panels from the Italian factories or textured decorative plaster, accent wall of custom-made waterfall in the glass wall.

Lighting fixtures can perfectly help with space zoning and create the incredible and beautiful house design. This modern living room design looks very advantageous with the help of using several lighting options for the living space — a large chandelier made of unusual form constructions, floor and table lamps of the same stylistic direction, LED lighting in plasterboard constructions — all these details make a room brighter and visually richer.


— Living room in a modern style is a spacious and bright room. Here our designers like to use the installation of panoramic windows, providing maximum of natural light in a beautiful house interior design.

— The area of living room is zoned with several functional segments and carried out by furnishing, finishing and using the lighting system.

— The principle of “comfortable minimalism” is relevant.

— Eco-friendliness in materials (textile, fabrics, finishing materials) is still in fashion.

— Light colors dominate in a color palette and are used as a base, bright accents are used in small doses.

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