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Interior design company Doha

An interior design company in Doha is a series of brilliant projects that are carried out at the highest world level. Turnkey interior design firm Luxury Antonovich Design provides a full range of services in the field of interior design and architecture. The true professionals of the best Interior design companies in Qatar belong with great responsibility to each phase of projects. Villa living room interior design in Doha embodies the tenderness and lightness. In this interior fit out in Doha, you will be wanted not just to pass the time, but also to enjoy every moment. Larger area of the living room allows for more functional and attractive organization. The floor covering of the room is made with marble, as well as it has an excellent aesthetic appearance, solid structure and attractive design. Thanks to modern technology, a polishing makes a marble floor in a flat surface, which fits perfectly to the interior of the premises. Using such variety of details of the interior, as paintings, vases, mirrors, the atmosphere in the living room will be more attractive, and stay in it will be even more pleasant for you and your guests. The original high-quality furniture is an essential attribute of this space design, which speaks about solidity, elegance and refinement. An exclusive sofa, luxurious armchairs with plenty of unique colorful pillows is a perfection of the mastership of the design company Luxury Antonovich Design. Exclusively tailored curtains are an indicator of a good taste and spacious mind in the project originators. Namely, blinds in interior design in Doha are a key decorative element that completes the image of the room and makes it harmonious. Turnkey interior design firm Luxury Antonovich Design implementы any design ideas, by that turn your dreams into reality.

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