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When it comes to Lobby area interior design, Antonovich Group always assures to bring out the most excellent design executions. We have a top-notch interior design specialist that always remains a focus in terms of every design detail that needs to be implemented in the interior mood of the lobby.

Wide entry halls should be decorated in the same way as other areas: use tile or linoleum for the floors and washable paint for the walls. There is no need to place powerful lighting above the entrance to adequately light the corridor. It is preferable to use numerous light sources, such as two or three tiny spotlights, sconces on the wall near the mirror, or a small chandelier. Because you have lots of room, you may employ comfy and spacious furniture:

• The Cabinet, which accommodates all apparel, umbrellas, backpacks, and capes nicely;

• The chest of drawers, where one of the lights or a bronze sculpture can be stored;

• two or three bedside tables

With an elegant lobby decoration idea, you can make the passageways in your home more appealing and even helpful. Because of the limited area, it is difficult to know how to design a lobby. Without fear, think beyond the box! Why not add a designer flare to one of the most crucial objects in the hallway? Choose a unique lighting fixture rather than a regular one that is overlooked. Glass globes, farmhouse pendants, vintage-inspired hand-blown glass fixtures, a chic flush mount fixture, or lanterns are all options.

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