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Living Room Interior Design for Hill Side at Jumeirah Golf Estates


Luxury Antonovich Design is a one-stop-shop that offers complete services for every stunning living room décor. Luxury Antonovich Design is the top decoration company Dubai that has been the most reliable and trusted in terms of living room décor, furniture, and interior design. In fact, we are the only fit-out company in Dubai that is offering absolute design solutions for all types of living room design. When it comes to selecting hues and textures for the living room, Our expert interior designers always manage to help every client to choose the best quality and appropriate design that will emphasize the consistency of style and elegance of the living room décor.


The living room is more than just an interior space in the house; this is where the family spends quality time together. That is why living rooms are the most popular space in the house which have been everybody’s favorite spot of the interior. When it comes to living room décor and interior design, property owners always have the highest requirements from the selection of materials, furniture design, and even the color details that will be implemented. Selecting the right hues for the living room can be such a very challenging task, at the same time bringing an extra excitement for every interior designer.

Keep in mind that selecting the right colors for the living room will always turn the interior into the most desirable space. However, just like the other major areas of the house, developing the interior design for the living room should be according to the concept and mood as per the instructions and requirements of the owner. Consistency in style is very important, and this article let us knows how to choose the right color for the living room interior design according to every design requirement, as the Luxury Antonovich Design is a decoration company Dubai that has shared important points and ideas on how to perform an ideal living room interior design with right selections of hues, textures, and materials.


As the top decoration company Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design always assures us to perform a timeless interior design for every contemporary concept. With great teamwork and inspirational design, Luxury Antonovich Design is the best fit-out company that always manages to level up every contemporary style living room into the most exquisite and sophisticated style. Selection of the right colors indeed has the greatest impact to be ability to achieve the most desirable interior setting of the living room. In developing the interior design setup for the contemporary living rooms, interior designers can be more playful with the style, selection of materials, and even the colors, as long as the mood of the living room itself will still embody its major design requirement.

Neutral hues can still be an ideal base in every walls scheme and ceiling design. With a perfect blend of pearl white details, a contemporary living room interior design can still look so classy and elegant. To break the ice, Luxury Antonovich Design brings out the best living room décor that always surprises every property owner with its exemplary performances featuring its signature style of elegance. With a customized carpet design with 3D details, its luxurious style will transform into an ultimate elegance. A set of pendant lighting with a very fascinating setup and its luminous materials will enhance the glamorous effect of the living room interior. Lastly, colorful cushions and accessories will totally create a great difference as it enhances the perfect mood of luxuriousness and style of the living room interior design.

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