Home cinemas design

Home cinemas interior design is now an integral part of a smart home system. Luxury Antonovich Design Studio creates  comfortable and cozy interiors, where everything is made to enjoy a perfect rest. Home cinema  is an opportunity to get positive emotions watching your favorite movies at home.

Home cinema by Luxury Antonovich Design is

  • perfect comfort
  • high-quality sound
  • exclusive design

Creating elite interior include the use of modern technologies. When choosing a home cinema, we take into account a space area in order to create perfect acoustics. In the walls decoration, we use special materials, which also contribute to the proper sound distribution in a room. One of the most suitable materials for wall decoration in your home cinema is a natural wood. It contributes to good sound, as well as fill the interior with a pleasant warmth of home comfort. A separate area in a home cinema project is to organize proper lighting that will be comfortable for eyes when watching a movie. Usually, we use lights and directional spotlights.

To make the home cinema completely comfortable, we connect it to the smart home system. This opens the following options:

  • Individual concept, on the basis of which we create designs which embody the functionality and aesthetics of perfection.
  • Well-organized lighting which helps to effectively create emphasis on certain elements.
  • Professional selection of colors, textures and finishing materials; which helps to accentuate the aristocracy and luxury of the internal beauty.

Home cinema is part of the intellectual comfort and a lot of positive emotions.

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