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Having a home cinema would be incredibly gratifying for you since you would be able to watch movies with your complete family in the comfort of your own home. You have the choice of arranging the seats in the cinema style or just using a sofa. You may also be creative in the design of your cinema. Building a home movie theater room is frequently the actual pinnacle of home improvement. After youve completed the necessary tasks of replacing windows and laying flooring, its time to focus on more pressing concerns: your entertainment requirements.

A home cinema room is more than just a couch and a screen in a room. If you want to do it correctly, youll need to fulfill certain basic requirements, such as managing outside light and casting a large enough image. Follow these guidelines to create a cinema room in your house. Antonovich Group always levels up every home theater interior design by conducting the systematic method of interior and fit-out solutions. Our team always manages to choose the best materials, equipment, and furniture for the home- theater interior design. Aside from interior design, the home theater also requires a technical job to accomplish accordingly, especially during the construction and fit-out. Antonovich Group is offering complete interior and fit-out solutions for every home theater interior. We have our in-house technical specialist that has the full ability to do the complete installations and arrangement of the home theater interior design.

This home theater interior design is specially designed to perfection that meets the perfect coziness and realistic cinema mood. Where the couches/seats are customized design for the most comfortable and stylish setup. The wares are filled with premium-class wall panels covered by soundproof layers. Antonovich Group is also very well known as the top provider of high-definition ceiling layouts and features that enhance the interior mood of the home cinema. And for the total real cinema experience, w always assures to choose the best carpet and flooring materials that will bring out a long-lasting quality and elegance.

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