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Top 10 Interior designer Nigeria


Interior design is already becoming a very much important part of Nigeria. People nowadays are starting to notice the amazing difference of having a pleasing interior. Our team of professional interior designers is also very knowledgable in the trends when it comes to Nigeria’s to growing demands for interior designs. We also started to bring the home cinema concept to Nigeria because it is slowly beginning to be in demand. Luxury Antonovich Design has been a reputable interior design company for decades. Their top interior designer Katrina Antonovich is a top-notch designer which has been very knowledgable and has the creative eye for her craft. The team is made up of highly qualified architects, engineers and project managers which allows the company to turnkey projects for each of their clients. The team has carved out the luxurious niche for the industry by the building up to contemporary and traditional styles which they widely offer in their set of designs. Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in:

– Interior design

– Exterior design

– Commercial and residential industries

They include these categories but their works are not limited to these. They also develop:

– Luxury apartments

– Private homes

– Retail Spaces

– Restaurants

– Spas

– Corporate offices

– Hotels

– Salons

Their design style is ranging from classic to modern and contemporary – their team always have these basic elements in their designs: color, accessories, pattern, lighting, and texture. The team carefully applies different principles such as balance, scale, proportion, dynamics, to create a harmonious functional space for every client.


Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in comprehensive interior design and home theatre services with electric installations for different types of home theatre designs. They make sure to combine the genius vision of their clients, which makes them consistently deliver incredible concepts of high-quality home theatre designs. If you will look at this home theater idea you will see the most intricate detailing. The company designs exemplary home theater interiors which they specialize with. The whole team is committed to creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces for different clients. The team also considers the client’s character and style to make sure that the approach for each project is creative and unique. You will see the deep red shade used in the walls of this elegant home theater. You will see that the highlight color chosen is gold to make sure that the color pops-out in the room. The lazy boy seats are designed to be in the middle of the room to give it a balanced style which is pleasing to look at with the equal symmetrical sides. A home theater is a nice space for everyone to have in their home. It’s like having your own personalized movie house without the hassle of going out. Please feel free to contact us if you would love to have a valuable home theater design inspired by luxury and traditional style.

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