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Do you have a spare room in your house that you want to turn into something amazing? There are a lot of things that you can turn a spare room into. You can turn it into a home theater just like this project that we had in California. Having a home cinema is a great relaxing recreational space in addition to your home where you and your family can enjoy. Our company offers a wide options of creating the home cinema interior. Our team’s creative design will make your home cinema look more personal and private with a luxurious design. Our team designs a comfortable and luxurious home theater that is the dream of every homeowner. It does not matter who you are or where you live, a breathtaking home cinema is definitely one of the best rooms anyone can dream of. If you have enough space it would be an amazingly large and spacious room to be able to accommodate family and guests. It can also be a small and cozy space, to provide that intimate and private feeling. From colorful and vivid hues or elegant neutral shades or even Hollywood-inspired themes, we can be able to help you with designing your home theater. 


Building a media room can be both difficult and fun to deal with. Our team will make sure to put in a lot of time and effort to be able to pull off your home theater amazingly. Modern home theater systems are accompanied by a lot of elements. The distance between the screen is one of the most important detail that we consider when building a home theater. Here are some of the amazing things that we design the home theaters with that we hope will inspire you. 

  • Color: The color of this home theater is more on the neutral shade that is warm and cozy. It is nice to add a pop of bold colors to neutral spaces because it truly stands out.
  • Seating: There are a total of twelve seats in this home theater. The lazy boy in grey color adds a comfy and luxurious feel because of the leather upholstery that adds a more elegant feel to the room.
  • Lighting: Lighting in a home theater should be subtle. It should help set the mood and ambiance to be able to illuminate the home theater better. 
  • Soundproof: The home theater is soundproof to be able to provide you a movie like an experience in a high-quality manner. These walls are soundproofed to also make sure that the sound does not get out of the home theater room. 

Anyone dreams of a home theater where they can relax and spend more quality time with their family or even friends. It is important to hire a company who knows and understands the needs and wants of any client. The Luxury Antonovich Design company will make sure to provide you all your home theater needs. From the design to the engineering and interior, we all have it covered.  

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