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New Home Cinema Design


Having a home theater is an exciting entertainment space in your home that provides a nice immersive viewing experience. A home cinema does not necessarily look like a cinema place. In this design by Antonovich Group, we added a nice comfortable sitting space in line with the huge television screen. The first place to start is the room you intend to use. The size of the room that you would like to turn into a home theater will be the determining point of how big the television or screen can be. Whether you have a huge or small room for the home theater it really does not matter because our team of amazing designers will make sure that they will provide you with all your needs. 

  • Lighting: It is important for us to put up amazing lighting but it should also be strategic because it might result in a lens glare and the movie is not nice to watch if a light is hitting the screen. 
  • Flooring: Your home flooring can affect the sound in your home theater. The marble with carpet flooring in this home cinema space will bounce back a nice surround sound which is perfect for every home theater. 
  • Wall: Your walls can cause vibrations in the home cinema's sound system. In this home cinema design, we made sure that the walls will create a nice surround sound that makes the sound more engaging and pleasing to the ears. 
  • Sitting area: The sitting area is an important part of the home theater because it is where you will stay while watching your favorite movies. We designed this cinema home theater with sofas with customized upholstery. The fun throw pillows add texture and pops of color which creates a fun ambiance. 
  • Design: The design and decor are mostly contemporary with a touch of traditional fun elements like the wall mural which has an abstract design. This is something elegant yet fun to place in a home cinema because it sets up a mood that is uplifting. 


Of course, a home cinema is not only about design and decor. It is also about the appliances that are placed on it. Our team of amazingly talented professionals makes sure that they deliver the right appliances that will fit your home theater. It should also blend with the design and aesthetics of your home theater. 

  • Projector or TV: In this home theater design we choose to place a huge television because it feels more contemporary and modern. 
  • Audio: The sound system should also be a great choice, In this home cinema, we placed a surround sound to make the sound clear in the room. These speaker systems are made sure to add a nice sound that vibrates all through the room.
  • Components: In this fast pacing world, components are seldom used because we can stream everything online. Our team still believes that having to set up components is important so you can still watch your favorite movies that are on DVD. 

Having a home theater is just an additional recreational area in your home. Feel free to let us know if you're up to revamping one of your spare rooms into a home theater. From the electricals up to the designs, we will have it covered. 

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