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Smart home design Lagos


This year more smart homes are coming up into the design scene and our company Luxury Antonovich Design is keeping up the relevant technology and interior design trends is quite a large task. We make sure that the devices that we install can beautifully contribute to the whole interior design layout, our team has come across some devices with functional decorating ideas that can make the interior design of your smart home genius. Smart home automation is having the ability to control your appliances. Our goal is to let our clients be able to control their home with a simple push of a button and also by giving a voice command. You can set it up with your home lighting, lamps, television, air conditioning and a lot more appliances.

With a very busy lifestyle, there has been a high demand for smart homes which allows individuals to have an easy life going along with just a simple click of a button. Our company has launched a trendy smart lighting system that connects to mobile applications. We make connectivity easy by just having to interconnect each appliance with a single touch of a button. Here are some of the amazing features that we offer with our smart home designs.


Smart Appliances are electrical equipment that is hooked up to a computer system. Our company has perfected home automation, which removes all manual function in your home. Every piece of the appliance is controlled remotely which makes your home more accessible.

  • Centralized lighting is a set up where all your lights are connected to a breaker panel to a lighting panel. The lighting panel has all the computerized switch which lets you control the system easily.
  • Motion-sensor lighting is another feature where lights turn on automatically once it senses a certain activity in an area of your home. This is perfect for kitchen counters and also living room areas.
  • Automated faucets are another motion sensor installation which turns on the faucet once it senses a motion going around.
  • Whole-house control is the most amazing feature making you control your home centrally in an application that we will provide you with.
  • Security monitoring is one of the most in-demand smart home features because it senses if there are unusual activities in your home, making your home secured from day to night.

There are a lot of benefits in installing a smart home feature. This will keep your home updated, it is also an amazing feature that will enhance your value of living. Please feel free to send us a message if youre ready to take your home to the next level of technology.

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