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Cinema home luxury


Doesnt everybody love homes that have a home theater? Having to complete a wide spectrum of rooms to consider for your luxury house, Luxury Antonovich Design has brought this dream home theater come to life. If you want to watch the latest Netflix series or your all-time favorite film at home where you can relax and enjoy the best. Having an entertainment theater would be a great addition to your amazing home. A home cinema should be comfortable to encourage more people to watch with you. To start off, this luxury home theater design has colors that are sophisticated and very much luxurious. You can never go wrong with colors violet, gold and brown to add that extra luxury into your home. Be it a home theater or even any parts of the house. Gold and brown would go equally well with living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen or any part of the house.


The seats in this home cinema are only a few to give privacy to the homeowners. We believe that home theaters shouldnt be huge in seats as its primary purpose is for convenience and relaxation. The seats in this home theater are very spacious and only has 11 chairs. This private cinema will give so much joy to any family as it is comfortable, neat, and looks luxurious. Nevertheless, if you want to bring friends, the cinema is very spacious and is easily adjustable to any visitors. The 11-seat cinema can go a long way with its functional capability. The chairs are also elevated as to not give the viewers a hard time to see whats on the screen. The seats are inclined upward, just like any cinema, to give the best possible experience to the viewers. On the sides of the seats are the elevated stairs which are equally beautiful as the rest of the room. It is lighted and has the amazing and luxurious feel with its light. The main key of the home theater is its monitor. It is huge with enough speakers to boost the amazing sound of the movie.


Aside from the seats and the huge monitor that this home theater offers, Luxury Antonovich Design also made sure that the whole experience of watching a movie would be worthwhile. The interior design os this home cinema is top notch with designs that are as good as any luxury rooms. The walls have patterns that are hard to deny that it is beautiful and luxury. The ceilings are not left behind because of its very adorable and sleek design. The lighting is perfect which gives the room its full experience. It is hard to leave this beautiful interior thanks to the amazing team of Luxury Antonovich Design.

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