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Modern Cinema Home


Home cinemas have firmly entered the life of modern people and their living space, forever changing the requirements for stylish interior design. The main task for Luxury Antonovich Design Company is to create a comfortable environment for watching movies, so the screen takes center stage, while the rest of the furniture and decorative items are gathered around it. For comfortable watching movies, upholstered furniture is placed opposite the screen. If it is assumed that large companies will gather in the room, our designers will provide places for all future guests. The interior of the home cinema is interesting for a huge scope for experiments and the expression of our designers fantasies.

All the engineering structures our architects skillfully hide behind the upholstery and other design elements. Luxury Antonovich Design professionals think over the location and masking of acoustic panels, sound insulation, heating and ventilation systems. The interior properly accommodates the speakers to make the sound surround, keeping the balance of the design ideas. Home cinema in the room gives a lot of opportunities for experiments in the interior, namely with the location of upholstered furniture and how it is possible to arrange the cinema to make it convenient and comfortable to watch movies indoors. In this design project it is not just a room for watching videos — this is already a full-fledged cinema. The screen is fixed on the wall, and there is a video projector on the ceiling. On the sides, our designers installed a modern acoustic system.


The upholstery of the walls with fabric by Luxury Antonovich Design carries out several functions at once: this is increased noise insulation, and aesthetics of the interior, as well as concealment of defects in walls and electrical wiring. To darken the room, it is possible to close the large window with thick Roman curtains. For fans who like watching movies with a maximum of comfort, our designers have chosen a soft beige sofa with a large number of pillows, and for an additional number of seats are provided excellent brown leather armchairs. The sleek, clean home cinema design with a natural color scheme and smooth lines by Luxury Antonovich Design is great for modern houses with a touch of minimalism. The color scheme of the home cinema room with a seating area and a bar is very well-thought-out. The screen is arranged in a wall with lockable shelves, made of precious wood.

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