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We always bring out the most welcoming interior mood for the home cinema, while also conveying the impression that it is a special corner of your home where you can retreat and immerse your senses in pure movie enchantment. When you combine whole-house automation with entertainment systems, you improve your home theater experience while also gaining incredible peace of mind, allowing you to relax and get carried away in the enchantment.

Despite the fact that soundproofing and acoustics are two distinct concepts, they are frequently confused. You'll need specific soundproofing coatings for doors, windows, and wall insulation if you want to keep audio inside your home theater while keeping outside noises out. Acoustic panels will not help to soundproof your movie theater.


Antonovich Group is very well known as the top provider of customized furniture including high definition technology that is being installed and used for every home cinema interior design. Antonovich Group is proud to introduce the widest variety of comfortable recliner cinema chairs and sofas that will undoubtedly elevate every movie experience of the family and even guests.

It was always a pleasure to design the interior of any home's recreation room or cinema theater. This is the most beautiful room in the house, and it is here that the team will be able to innovate and provide uniqueness in the execution of work in the area. This is the best place to find the most luxurious and comfortable furniture and materials to complement the Cinema Room's distinctive exterior design. With Antonovich Group, every home cinema will undoubtedly achieve the most desirable setting, bringing out more than a genuine cinema experience.

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