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Best Dubai cinema home interior


This elegant home theater design resembles a real-life movie house of luxury. The theme is designed with full elegance and sophistication. It is designed with unique and personalized lazy boy chairs which is very relaxing especially when watching a movie. The royal blue theme of the interior design is a great color to keep the room dark but not blacked out. This home theater will remind you of luxury movie houses but it is better because this is your own space. You can watch your favorite movies and you can also play video games. Our team of professionals will make sure that your home-theater is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also safe with specially designed wiring to make sure that your home will always be safe from technical difficulties. Our project managers will always make sure that your home theater plan is well designed and elegantly structured. It is also important that your home theater has enough seating to accommodate your family and your friends. It is also inclined to provide the best viewing experience on the screen. Just like in a real movie house we designed the room with stairs just right in the side of the room to make a dramatic entrance into the theater.


Home theaters are personal because it is your personal tranquil space at home where you can sit back and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. You will notice how the classic theme is incorporated in this home cinema. This is because we make sure that the theme of each room is coordinated with the entire home’s look. This is a cozy space with enough seating capacity for everyone. You will also notice the personalized throw pillows which have a logo design that resembles our clients and our client’s trademark. This also makes the room more personalized and unique because this emblem is designed specifically for each client. The velvet ceiling is enveloped inside an intricately designed border with carvings of art-deco styled damasks. Notice the pin lights that are installed in the ceiling as well to make sure the room is well-lit if the movie is not running yet. We make sure that all the wirings in the home theater that we design are faultless to avoid future maintenance. You might think that having a home theater is a little too intimidating, but our team will provide the perfect plan and design that will suit your home’s space. This private home cinema set up will give your spare room functionality which is very extravagant and more peaceful. You can even enjoy your homemade snacks while watching your favorite movies play on the big screen. This way, you’ll have more quality time at home with your family and it will also save you time going out especially on rainy days. This will be another safe haven for you to relax. Feel free to contact us if you’re up to have a nice home theater of your own.

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