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Cinema home interior


Home cinema by Luxury Antonovich Design Company — these are stunning home cinema design projects, only the best interiors and implemented objects. Our team is a remarkable example of creative minds combined with advanced image and sound technologies.

The complexity in creation a perfect home cinema fit out interior is in combination, the appearance of the interior of a home cinema or movie theater in the apartment, with competent implementation of all technical aspects. For the refined interior decoration, it is necessary to hide a large number of various engineering systems that make up the technological basis of the home cinema, hide the panels and modules for acoustic correction of the room and the packages of sound-proof structures, all life-support systems (air conditioning, ventilation, heating).

Therefore, our company Luxury Antonovich Design uses fabrics, since this material is considered to be one of the main in cinema fir out and decoration works. Possessing sound transmission, beautiful appearance and the ability to hide the necessary elements, fabric, allows acoustic materials and equipment that are hidden behind it to work properly. In combination with wooden elements, panels and other interior fit out materials, our team of professionals is able to create any unique design of the room, in a variety of styles and forms.


According to the design project, stylization, decoration of the room, selection of fit out materials, furniture and interior items are carried out by our best designers of Luxury Antonovich Design. The working design project includes a complete set of drawings for builders and other workers:

  • Dimensional drawing. 
  • Planning decisions. 
  • Style decisions. 
  • Color solutions. 
  • Plan for dismantling / mounting walls, partitions. 
  • Layout of furniture, equipment, interior items. 
  • Ceiling plan indicating the type of decorative, fit out materials. 
  • The layout plan of the lighting. 
  • Layout of switches. 
  • Layout of electrical outlets. 
  • Floor plan (combined utilities diagram).
  • Exploded view of walls with decorative elements. 
  • Drawings of custom fit out elements. 
  • Specification of doors with dimensions. 
  • Specification of electrical fittings. 

Our company Luxury Antonovich Design provides designer supervision of the design project, which will improve the quality of work performed and will help to implement the idea as accurately as possible. We offer you the best qualified and skilled specialists who will professionally carry out all types of repair and fit out works, according to the completed design project.

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