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We equip our home with the latest technology, finding comfort and convenience. Home cinema in a house is not just a luxury, it has become a part of our life. The complexity of designing a cinema in the house is that it is necessary to consider the process of reflection and absorption of the sound wave, to properly arrange the speakers for surround sound. Our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design take care of noise insulation of the room and competently combine the look of the interior with the technical aspect.

When arranging such a room the special attention is paid to several questions. Lighting in home cinema is different from the lighting in other rooms. In order for the quality of the picture and image to be of high quality, we to get rid of the huge chandeliers and use hidden spotlights with dim light. To feel even more cinema effect in this design project Luxury Antonovich Design studio has used a multi-level suspended ceiling of wavy pattern, the light from which is scattered throughout the room.


Luxury Antonovich Design studio offers you a design project for the interior of a home cinema room, including fabric details for sound insulation and upholstered furniture for any number of seats. The furniture set is presented by amazing comfy leather arm-chairs and sofa of cacao color. In the design of this cinema we have used wooden panels and soft cocoa-colored decorative fabric panels for wall decoration. At the level of the TV they are dark chocolate color, which is ideal for the background when watching movies. All engineering systems, devices and accessories neatly hidden interior decoration. The floor in this home cinema project is covered with a dense and soft carpet in a single color scheme with the entire interior, which is ideal for sound insulation.

In a special room for such a rest you can embody almost all your design ideas and dreams. Luxury Antonovich Design company provides high-quality design of home cinema and personal cinema halls around the world. The home theater design provides for the choice of decorative fabric for walls and floors with damping properties or sound amplification, depending on the need.

We offer you services for creating high-quality cinema interior with regard to new technologies, ergonomics, acoustics and architecture. Luxury Antonovich Design home cinema design includes:

— design 3D project;

— wall decoration;

— finishing of the ceiling;

— selection of materials;

— registration;

— selection of equipment;

— sound and video engineering project to each hall individually.

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