Design of dressing rooms by Luxury Antonovich Design, it is not just the ability to conveniently and comfortably keep your clothes, but also a wonderful way to make a choice of clothes into comfortable ritual. Combining functional storage systems, modern lighting and luxurious decor items, we create unique projects of dressing rooms that meet modern trends.

What is a dressing room? It's a room (or niche), which allows to store clothes and shoes. It offers the possibility to select and store each thing individually.

It's great if you can provide a separate premise for a dressing room. A linear layout will be perfect for this purpose — wardrobes, shelves and drawers will be located on one of the walls.

Features of Dressing Room Design

Usually, dressing rooms are divided into several zones, in which things are placed by frequency of use:

  • Upper zone (height over 190 cm). Can be used to replace an antresole. It is recommended to store only those things that are used a few months a year or just lying in storage. All that is stored here is very difficult to get without the use of ladders, so be careful when filling out that box.
  • The middle zone. Here casual wear and underwear are most commonly stored. Here are rods for clothes, hanger for trousers, belts and ties, hanger for Ironing Board and other necessary elements.
  • Bottom zone – used for storing shoes and things that are rarely used. It is recommended to divide this zone into two parts and make sliding drawers for clothes, just above the cassette trays for shoes.

If you have any doubts about the design of a dressing room we can dispel them! All you need to do is just visit Luxury Antonovich Design Studio and you will be really amazed with various available options, which can be provided to you by our specialists.

Every year dressing room design becomes more profound and multifaceted process. The dress room in a house is becoming increasingly important. In this room, you can store not only clothes, but also bags, accessories and jewelery. Many dressing room ideas, which our design studio develops, are characterized by unique solutions and unique charm. The dressing room becomes one of the favorite places in the house where you can comfortably choose an outfit for any occasion in life.

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