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Sometimes the interior of the dressing room can become almost the main room in the house. Womens view of the functionality of this space is somewhat different from the male. In the dressing room, ladies can spend quite a lot of time choosing outfits for one or another occasion. Therefore, the individual design of private houses often includes a version with a large dressing room on the second floor. An additional advantage of the interior was two windows. Curtains for the dressing room, in this case, have become an easy and elegant addition to the beauty of the interior. Ash-pink silk in the form of beautiful waves of Roman curtains brought to the interior of the dressing room charming notes of home comfort. The decoration of the wall between the windows also became a significant contribution to the overall charmingly beautiful image of the interior. A small ottoman on gracefully carved legs, an oval mirror, and classic sconces fill the room with a wonderful charm of classical style. To create an integral and artistically expressive image, interior designers repeat the shades of furniture in the decor of the walls. The muted shade of mint is perfectly combined with a natural wood floor and ash-pink curtains. The ceiling height and the size of the room allowed using the same decor motifs as in the interior of the living room. An exquisite medallion with stucco decoration and a magnificent crystal chandelier miraculously blended into the interior. Each shelf size, height, availability of open and closed options are thought through to the smallest detail so that the storage of clothes, shoes, and accessories are absolutely comfortable. The solid wood in the decor of the walls became a harmonious continuation of the furniture.

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