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Luxury Wardrobe

This beautiful house design can be called " interior of female happiness."The luxurious dressing room was designed by designers of studio Luxury Antonovich Design for the mistress of the high-end house. According to the painting designs of the villa, for the dressing room, was allocated spacious premise in the mansard. Due to the large area, the room designer were able to easily realize all their ideas and create the interior, about which mistress of the house was dreamed. In the room, there is a window that allows penetrating into premise sufficient amount of daylight.This factor we considered during development interior lighting project. Sometimes it's hard to choose what to wear today.In order to think and dream in a cozy atmosphere, we have offered a comfortable couch by the window. Curtains design from interior design companies in Lagos became a logical continuation of this cozy corner.Luxury curtains of precious silk of muted lilac shade became in the interior a cozy touch.As the basis of the furniture, we have offered open niches and illuminated shelves.Thus the choice of clothing becomes a visually comfortable, because to the eyes opens almost all things.A real gift and a nice addition of the 3d home design has become an insular showcase for storing jewelry.

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