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Master's dressing room interior


Someone thinks that wardrobe room is needed only for a woman. But for a modern business man who cares about his appearance and follows fashion, such a room is simply necessary. Practicality, minimalist design and mens fit-out materials, such as glass, wood, leather, metal, prevail in the mens wardrobe from Luxury Antonovich Design. The location of the dressing room for a man is quite diverse, it all depends on the preferences and lifestyle of the man. All storage systems are selected according to style and preferences — holders for trousers, ties, belts, drawers for accessories, underwear, shelves for hats, bags, shoes, umbrellas. In the mens dressing room there is always a place mirror and an ottoman. A wardrobe room with proper design by Luxury Antonovich Design becomes one of the favorite places in the house.


The mens atmosphere is completely different, but the perfect combination of materials, colors, textures, light and creative vision of Luxury Antonovich Design designers will help you. Masculinity is an indicator that underlies the organization of a dressing room. Modern men have a sense of style and take care of their appearance. Unlike the womens dressing room, mens look more brutal, practical and minimalist. The main focus is on functionality, but not forgetting about the appearance. Dark wood, chrome, strong lines, leather — all this perfectly emphasizes the male character.

According to ergonomics, mens wardrobe should consist of three sections: the lower part for storing shoes, the middle and lower tier is better divided into wardrobes in combination with shelves. There are also several sections for hangers: one for suits and jackets, and the other one for shirts, trouser and vests.

Our designers provide a high-quality lighting system in the dressing room. Its great when there is a source of natural light in the dressing room — a window. But it is also necessary to take into account the additional lighting: the lighting of the shelves is for convenience, the general light is for fitting, and the decorative lighting in the form of a chandelier is for an interesting interior design.

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