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The best interior Design Dressroom

A perfect example of how you can organize a small space and create a sufficiently comfortable and incredibly luxurious Nigerian houses design of a dressing room. Interior designers in Nigeria have perfectly continued the overall design concept of the luxury home latest wardrobe designs.The classic style with elegant accents of Art Deco style became the basis for the design of the interior of a dressing room.Behind the luxury furniture facades, hiding the latest storage systems and new lighting techniques. Open shelves are equipped with internal LED lighting, which makes the stay in the room and the choice of clothing or shoes are very convenient. Furniture wardrobe designs in Nigeria decorated with elegant pilasters with carved decoration and gilding. To expand visually the interior space designers use decorative faceted mirrors panels. Two elegant chandeliers provide a sufficient amount of light in the interior.For floorings decoration, interior designers have offered luxury tiles from natural marble in interior decoration design. Ceiling Decor also contributes to visually increasing the premise.The arched niche decorated with exquisite golden ornaments and is delineated by luxurious stucco molding with gilding.

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