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Wardrobe design Lagos


Luxury is defined by walk-in closets. While walk-in closets are fantastic for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories, they may also serve as a retreat from the rest of your home (if done right). Even if you have a lot of room to work with, it's easy for things to get jumbled up, especially if you don't have a good organizational system in place. This is where these creative walk-in closet designs come in handy. We've got lots of ideas to help you make the most of your space, big or small, whether you're seeking to convert a portion of your bedroom into a walk-in closet or simply remodel what you already have. Keep in mind that there are two primary things to think about: style and function. Along with choosing an enticing design, it's also critical to choose an efficient layout and organization system to provide a sense of order, whether it's with baskets, color-coded shelves, or more storage. Install a cosmetic table in your closet to make getting ready easier. To create the ideal setup, place your usual items on a deep shelf, hang a mirror, and add a comfortable stool. A well-designed walk-in closet should make you feel like you're entering your own private store, complete with all of your lovely clothes and accessories on display. This not only makes getting dressed more fun, but it also makes it much easier—gone are the days of rummaging through drawers for a favorite shirt.


A closet island is essentially a dresser constructed into your walk-in closet that, like a kitchen island, can be used for a variety of functions. Drawers for jewelry and watches, lingerie, stockings, and underwear can be added to custom closet islands. The countertop is an excellent place to fold or organize clothing, as well as place newly purchased items before putting them away. Power may be available on the island for charging phones, smartwatches, and other small equipment. Without specially constructed drawers for jewelry, watches, and other small objects like sunglasses, scarves, brooches, cuff links, wallets, and so on, no custom closet is complete. For easy access, keep the products you use the most higher up. Velvet or satin can be used to lining drawers for valuable things. 


When it comes to jewelry and watches, it's better to keep them in a safe or at the very least closed drawers. While you may have a safe in your office for essential documents, a second compact safe hidden behind a closet cabinet door is a practical way to store valuable accessories. To prevent dust off of expensive handbags, keep them on a shelf and, if feasible, behind a glass door. Whether you have a lot of huge day bags and wide-brimmed beach hats, or mostly little evening clutches and bowlers, how many shelves you need and what size they are depends on the sort of hats and bags you have. Both will require shelf space. Clutches can also be neatly organized in a drawer. Dedicated shoe and boot shelving—not just underneath all of your hanging rods—showcases and protects your footwear. You may dedicate a whole wall to your shoes if you have a lot of them. At an easily attainable height—eye level or slightly lower—group like pairs together with regularly worn pairings. If you're short on room, consider using pullout shelves with double racks to hold two pairs of shoes. At least three types of lighting should be present in a closet: overhead recessed lighting for general lighting, integrated LED lighting under or behind shelves and racks to highlight accessories, and a gorgeous chandelier to provide flair and ambiance. If you have a dressing table, you'll also need dedicated illumination.

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