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Best Design Project by Antonovich Group


A lot of people dream of having a luxury wardrobe room. In this project made by Luxury Antonovich Design, the luxury wardrobe room is made perfectly by having the right furniture designs, the perfect wardrobe cabinet, and drawers that will help make the room more organized. The luxury wardrobe room also has a very huge mirror where you can take your everyday outfit with class and elegance. The luxury wardrobe room is designed in a spacious way. Dressing up here won't be a problem as it has such a nice layout.

The cabinets in the luxury wardrobe room are on point. Every part is designed with ease in mind. Moving around and dressing up won't be a problem as it has such a nice layout. The atmosphere is also very great. The colors of the luxury wardrobe room are rose gold with a touch of cream. The overall concept is upgraded by the use of luxury patterns from the carpet to the walls. The luxury wardrobe room is completed by having a huge chandelier that complements the entire luxury wardrobe room.

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