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Wardrobe design lagos


A dressing room (a wardrobe room) is not just a tribute to fashion and the fancy indicator of respectability. Nowadays a wardrobe is the comfort of our home and a significant time saving for the search of the specific thing. Correctly placed shoes and hanging clothes do not lose their shape, they stretch less and do not crumple, wear out less quickly. There are no strict canons for the design of the dressing room or a wardrobe for Luxury Antonovich Design team.  Our professionals always think over every detail and each compartment of the storage system.

The wardrobe room most often represents a separate room with deep niches in the wall. Wardrobe design Lagos is a big closet in which you can arrange shelves and partitions, things, shoes, accessories, and most importantly, you can enter there and change your clothes comfortably. Using the competent design of the dressing room and proper planning it was possible for our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design to arrange a wardrobe in almost any room.


The wardrobe room is a room for storage of clothes and shoes. There are several basic layouts of wardrobe systems:

— Angular wardrobe room. Is suitable for any type of premises in which there is an empty corner. You can fill it with classic racks, all kinds of shelves, and partitions, which will help to zone the space. For filling such a wardrobe our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design like to use corner cabinets, spiral hung and corner shelves. For a visual increase in space all the racks for storing clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories we leave without doors and screens.

— Rectangular. Such design of the dressing room is perfect for stretched and spacious rooms as it is the most comfortable layout. All types of storage systems are suitable here. Our designers and decorators can install all the necessary shelves, rods, drawers, seats, steps for shoes, tie-boxes, and breeches.

— The linear layout of the dressing room is very similar to the wide wardrobe. The space along one of the walls is allocated for the dressing room where shelves, shelves, bars and cellular baskets are placed. To organize such a dressing room is enough to allocate one wall for it.

— Parallel dressing room. A very good option for walk in wardrobes designed by Luxury Antonovich Design. For filling such a room we like to use well suited classic cabinets. Hangers and shelves are located opposite to each other, and open hangers for casual clothes are additionally installed.

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